Tinhinane HADJI

Tizi Ouzou
Université de Moloud Mammeri

My name is Hadji Tinhinane, 20 years old, an economic student at UMMTO ( Moloud Mammeri’s University in Tizi-Ouzou), but actually living in Tamda.
I have participated in different programs and workshops such as Non-fiction writing in the US Embassy which obviously gave me the opportunity to become an ACCA member and a leader at the women literary circle, but still, I’m also a young leader in the Young Africain Leaders Initiative Networks and an Algeria 2.0 ambassador newly. I am also a part-time English teacher and blogger, my foremost entertainment is reading and learning new things that’s why I got so many online courses certificates, I’m passionate about arts in general and photography.
As an ambassador for the Algeria 2.0 event, I will link all my social media accounts/email to enhance, give pieces of information and promote or event, we will be more than pleased to see all of you there.