Mohammed Abderraouf CHOUABNA

University of Batna 2 – Batna

Mohammed Abderraouf CHOUABNA, 24 years old, second year student of Automation engineers at Batna 2 university. My involvement in society have given me the motivation to apply for different leadership programs in which I have been selected either as a participant, organizer or as an ambassador.

In July 2018, I have been selected as former delegate of Algeria Model United Nations in the African Union Committee in which I was representing Nigeria. After that, I have applied for WikiStage’s license in order to host this event here in my wilaya for the first time and i am so thankful because I got it and from that time I become the project manager of This event . Then, ILima School in partner with World Learning Algeria have selected me as an event organizer of career Fair. In September 2018, i have applied for Algeria 2.0 program for the position of an ambassador in which I have had the chance to be selected as one of their ambassadors in its 7th edition. I am convinced that the world’s survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to remain vigilant and to bring together new ideas for change. This world demands our quality, the quality of imagination, motivation, creativity, courage and most importantly a temper of the will.

I have my dream, my determination and my passion for the reason of driving the perfect change. I have huge ambitions, the power to achieve my dreams and make them a reality, I have what it takes and one day I will make it happen.