Ismail ALEM

Université d’Alger 1, Alger

Born in Algiers, some of my earliest memories are visions of myself watching documentaries at a very young age instead of watching cartoons and asking an infinite number of questions to my father who introduced me to the world of computing at the age of 3. This passion for computers and technology in general didn’t fade out. Instead it made me choose the computer science track at the university. After discovering my passion for coding, I went to my first ICT event when I was still a freshman, and there I saw new opportunities I never considered in the world of entrepreneurship, it changed both of my person and my vision of the world, so I started attending to more parallel activities and didn’t settle with what I was receiving from college. Being a big fan of the Google products and services, I joined the Google Developers Group Algiers’ communication department in 2017.

A month later, I became a front end web development mentor in World Learning Algeria, transmitting my knowledge to the aspiring youth while learning. Besides I enjoy music, swimming, calisthenics, books, movies, emotional intelligence, marketing, leadership, AI, VR, AR, UX and more. Even if things were and will not be always easy, I trained myself to become a workaholic, which led me to become an Algeria 2.0 ambassador. My motto is to always give a perfect effort in anything I do.