• Biographie | Biography :
    • Age : 21
    • Wilaya : Alger
    • Université: USTHB

    • Compétences | Skills :Ikram Atmane born on august 21 1997 is currently a student of intelligent computer systems at the university of science and technology Houari Boumediene
      has a licence degree in computer systems and software engineering from USTHB
      has worked as an outgoing exchange manager at AIESEC in BABEZ
      and organizing committee VP marketing in global school 2018
      participated in Enterpreneurship, leadership innovation program ESI, google developers group study jams and web front-end training ETIC
      passionate about Machine learning and deep learning, marketing, enterpreneurship and inspiring people .
      Video editingTime managementSocial mediasNegotiations


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